Royston Medicine & movement

Lee Royston founded Royston Medicine & Movement in 2012 to help people achieve both medical and performance related health and fitness goals. By mixing knowledge and integrity with a relaxed and friendly approach Royston Medicine & Movement use an optimal yet realistic approach that ensures an eye for detail and that both an individual’s short and long term health and fitness needs are taken into account.

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Founder Lee Royston has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and has worked with a broad range of different clientele.  Lee’s previous sporting background combined with his extensive studies in the areas of human movement and complementary/functional medicine ensure that clients get the best and most honest service possible.

With his commitment to ongoing learning and genuine love for good health and helping people, Lee has been fortunate enough to make a living out of doing something he’s extremely passionate about.


Bachelor of Health Science (Complementary Medicine), Charles Sturt University

Functional Medicine, University of Functional Medicine (USA)

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (USA)

Diploma of Applied Sports Kinesiology, College of Complementary Medicine

Diploma of Fitness, TAFE NSW

Diploma of Sports Development, TAFE NSW

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a word from lee

To my parents for their constant love and support, their continued encouragement for me to chase a dream and do something I am passionate about, to my brothers and close friends for their continued help and support whenever I’ve needed it, to all the mentors I have had that have allowed me to become the practitioner/coach that I am, to all the other doctors/coaches/therapists/lecturers I have been fortunate enough to listen to, meet and learn from and to anybody else who has played a role in allowing me to make a living from doing something I love… Thank you!