One-on-One training

Extremely thorough and detailed. Will depend greatly on what you’re after eg goals, needs, current situation etc. Please enquire for more details.

Semi-Private Training

Similar to one-on-one training – you will still undertake a structured, individualised  program – however in a group setting. Must undergo a detailed and individual assessment first!

Functional medicine

Functional medicine, performed on an individual basis, is based on addressing underlying causes and altered physiology of illness and disease. It involves a greater understanding of the origins, prevention and treatment of complex, medical issues and the use of scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments other than drugs or surgery where possible to restore balance in bodily function and ensure optimal long term health.

Functional medicine is performed on a case-by-case basis. Please enquire for more details.

Blood Test Nutritional Analysis

A great starting point for those looking to improve their health and/or performance. A detailed review of your current blood work includes both a report and a 45-minute consultation to discuss findings and recommendations for a way forward.

Reviewing blood work can benefit people looking to make nutritional changes, those looking to improve either their sporting or gym performance, or people who simply don’t feel right and can’t quite put their finger on it.