29 Jan Exercise Progression

When it comes to programming, I often like to think of exercise selection in the form of a continuum. What I mean by this is that just like sets and reps, exercise selection also flows from one program to the next. If I use split squats/lunges as an example, we could set it up like this:

Accumulation 1 – Front foot elevated split squat

Intensification 1 – Split squats (both feet on the floor)

Accumulation 2 – Rear foot elevated split squat

Intensification 2 – Alternating lunge

Another very basic and simple example would be the overhead press. Beneath is how such an example may look:

Accumulation 1 – Seated neutral grip DB overhead press

Intensification 1 – Standing neutral grip DB overhead press

Accumulation 2 – Seated military press

Intensification 2 – Standing military press

Now, there are many different ways in which we can program, but I find that the is a good example of how we can manipulate exercise prescription to slowly but safely advance an individual over time. Each phase of programming prepares the body for the next slightly more advanced exercise. This becomes extremely important when we begin to look at training from a long-term perspective.

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